What People Say About Our Service

"The service is excellent, good analysis and clear instructions to trade. Keep up the good work, I will definitely recommend your service to my friends"


S R, Manchester


"I like your presentation very much, concise and to the point and clear indicators - one of the best on the net"


R S, Dorset


"I really appreciate your service...I have to say your brilliance as an analytical minded trader and analyst is shining through via your excellent service and results"


Darren Pattison, Cleveland


"I’m very satisfied with your service, and the reliability of your forecasts"


S G, Hungary


"I am really loving your FTSE Intraday by SMS and have taken to scalping your text updates up and down the index. Keep up your performance and the amazing service!!!!"


Edward Newman, London


"Many many many thanks for your free trials on all of your services , and for your prompt replies to queries that I have had. I could type all day praising your site and services...What really appeals to me is the brevity and concise nature of all of your updates across the board.....NO WAFFLE/PADDING that come with some sites"


A L, Dublin


"This is the best service I have come across. You actually care for your clients. Most of the others I have experienced just do not"


Carmine Borrillo, Kidderminster


"Thierry supplies a fantastic FTSE forecast service that I use daily. This data enables me to make strategic decisions regarding trading that I find essential. Thierry is an expert in his field and uses some innovative techniques"


Stuart Henshall, Auckland


"I would like to thank you for your recent reports on the FTSE which have been amazingly accurate! I have tried several research companies over the years from the UK and also form one leading technical analyst from the states but none of them have produced the consistent accuracy that your reports provide. I like also the way that your reports are very clear both visually and written and that you also supply them on time before the market opens. Thank you once again and keep up the good work"


Peter Hopson, Hampshire


"Daily update allows changes in forecasts to be quickly highlighted. Very useful in choppy markets. Clear advice to 'stand aside' when in doubt. Very VERY SATISFIED. 12 out of 10!! It's the first thing I read every morning"


Purvez Desai, Middlesex


"The service is very useful in gaining an insight into market movements and to timing entry and exits"


IG, Denmead


"This site provides a focused analysis for short term trading the FTSE 100 with the provision of stop losses. I would suggest any one looking to enter the world of spread betting give this site serious consideration as it has educational merits as well as providing guidance on trends in the markets"


Kevin Pogson, Essex


"The best interpretation of Elliott Wave Theory in the UK"


DO, Chester


"Your individuality and independent thinking is to be admired. It takes a lot of self confidence to deviate from Prechter. Well done"


John Hemsley, Norfolk


"What I can say is that I found the short term forecast to be the best service available
in the UK. I tried as many services as I could find and only Thierry's was so clear, reliable and easy to understand"


John Morgan, London


"I have learnt a lot in a short period since I joined you and thank you for this. Keep up the good work”




"Taking a subscription out for Thierry's service is the most profitable thing that I have done. Well-done Thierry! I think that you are a genius"




“I am a new subscriber so have been cautious and testing you out (sorry!) but you are doing great. You are fast becoming one of my favourite people!!”




"I feel that I have already learned more in 21 days than I have in the past five years"



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