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Thierry Laduguie says "In this live trading room I discuss the markets, post live updates, answer people's questions and you can chat with other members of the communty". To register for Thierry's live trading room download the e-Yield traders community app:

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  • Live updates and forecast on the FTSE 100 and S&P 500
  • Live support, your questions answered instantly
  • Live chat with Thierry and other members of the traders community
  • Daily analysis report on FTSE 100 and S&P 500 posted before 8am
  • Regular updates on other markets like dollar, GBP/USD and gold
  • Instant notifications when Thierry posts a new report / update on the website

Professional trader Thierry Laduguie will guide you to success and is hoping you will beat the market and most fund managers when you join his live trading room. He says "the best markets to trade are FTSE 100, S&P 500 and options on FTSE 100, the strategy I run is highly effective at reducing risk as well as producing above average returns, and the money we earn is tax free! That is because we spread bet on the FTSE 100 which is betting on the direction of the FTSE 100". You will need a spread betting account to trade, however, some people use a CFD account instead which is fine but be aware that profits from CFD trading are not tax free.

From the man who predicted the correction in April 2015

That was live at the UK Investor Show in April 2015. Watch the video:

Live Trading Room

Thierry's live trading room is a service for day traders and swing traders who need some guidance on the direction of the FTSE 100 during the day. This is a group chat where people can chat to Thierry instantly at any time during the day through the e-Yield app. Some members have their own techniques and use the service to confirm their own view or to get the timing right. Other members don't have a strategy and some are complete beginners, those tend to copy Thierry's trades. As you are part of a group, each time you post a comment or ask a question, the other group members will see your message and they can reply. However, your personal details are protected, people only see your username and name.


If you are a beginner or an experienced trader who is struggling to make a profit, we recommend that you copy Thierry's trades. His trades are profitable over the long term, however, you will need to be very disciplined and adhere to Thierry's guidelines on money management in order to succeed. You will receive the guidelines when you join the service.


We trade a few markets: FTSE 100 Future (March, June, September and December), FTSE 100 cash, S&P 500 future, EUR/USD and options. Alerts are delivered by instant messages via the e-Yield app. You will need to download the e-Yield app on your mobile phone / PC.


When you join the service you will automatically be included in two groups, "everybody" and "Better Trader Premium". You will also receive the FTSE short term forecast report daily before 8am, EUR/USD, S&P 500 and FTSE 100 reports.


The group "everybody" in the main group where Thierry discusses the market and strategies, it's also the general discussion group where people discuss the market and ask questions. The group "Better Trader Premium" is where Thierry alerts members when a new trade / report is posted on the website. It is also the group where people discuss or ask questions about a specific trade that Thierry posted. If you trade the FTSE intraday there is another group called "FTSE intraday" where members discuss the intraday trades.


Due to the large number of messages in "everybody" the system does not send notifications if someone posts a new message. The app only sends a notification (sound) if the message is important like a new trade for example or if someone replies to your comment.


Trial period


We offer the service at the reduced price of £23 for one month. Click here to take up this offer.


Alternatively download the app and we will send you instruction on how to start your trial:

Thierry Laduguie is trading strategist at where he helps short term traders profit from the market. His unique style of analysis, based on Elliott wave theory and his own indicators, has produced some exceptional results since he launched his first advisory service for private traders in 2006.

He was finalist for Best Specialist Research at the Technical Analyst Awards in 2010 and 2011. Thierry is a member of the Society of Technical Analysts and holds the Investment Management Certificate. He started to give trading advice in 2002 with where he was responsible for the UK Stock Tips and FTSE Intraday services, then with Fleet Street Publications where he was the editor of the Spread Trader tip sheet. He has worked with leading hedge funds as an advisor, has written many articles for publications including Money Week and various research websites and is a guest speaker at trading events including the UK Investor Show


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