FTSE 100 Forecast, Trading and Analysis

February 10th - Oil and yields will drive the FTSE 100 lower - https://uk.investing.com/analysis/oil-and-yields-will-drive-the-ftse-100-lower-200509899

October 28th - The pullback in September was a warning - The pullback in September was a warning - Better Trader

July 22nd - What the FTSE 100 and yields are telling us - https://www.bettertrader.co.uk/blog/2021/07/what-the-ftse-100-and-yields-are-telling-us.html

July 7th - Fears of stagflation will weigh on stock markets Fears Of Stagflation Will Weigh on Stock Markets | Investing.com UK

May 25th - Stock market crashes will become more frequent


January 22nd - We are reaching the limit of QE


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