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October 28th - The pullback in September was a warning - The pullback in September was a warning - Better Trader

July 22nd - What the FTSE 100 and yields are telling us - https://www.bettertrader.co.uk/blog/2021/07/what-the-ftse-100-and-yields-are-telling-us.html

July 7th - Fears of stagflation will weigh on stock markets Fears Of Stagflation Will Weigh on Stock Markets | Investing.com UK

May 28th - The position trading strategy is doing very well. I thought this strategy would do well because it does not use stop losses. Remember with this strategy we don't use a stop loss and we trade smaller sizes.


Advantages of Position trading:


Targets the big moves, profits are larger than those from intraday or swing trading.

No unnecessary losses because we don't have a stop loss. This means more regular profits over the long term.

Biggest profits this year: +11.5% on Copper, +16.5% on Carbon Emissions.

As you can see these are huge moves, with this strategy we hold for weeks / months for huge profits.

We bet small: We don't use leverage yet returns are good, better than with a leveraged strategy. The maximum invested on a trade is less than the value of the account, we invest between 50% and 70% of the account on each trade. For example with a £10,000 account we would invest £7000 in the FTSE 100. If the price of FTSE is 7000 the trade size is 1, so we would bet £1 on the FTSE 100.


Results this since November last year:

Based on a £10,000 account and 50-70% invested on each trade, the gain is £1570 or 15.7% return in the last six months. This is equivalent to 30% return per year.


To learn more about position trading

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May 25th - Stock market crashes will become more frequent


February 18th - Bitcoin and Ripple analysis https://youtu.be/04icmoK3XaQ

January 22nd - We are reaching the limit of QE, if you think the bull market will never end because of QE / stimulus, you are mistaken. All is explained in my video.

I have created a video in which I explain my view on the stock market, gold, bond yields, dollar and inflation. At the end of the video I give you a link to register to join my training group.

Make sure you watch the full video and please join the group and you will receive my training videos.

To watch the video click below


January 13th - FTSE 100 still in the resistance area https://uk.investing.com/analysis/ftse-100-is-approaching-resistance-200452002

December 3rd - FTSE 100 is approaching a resistance area FTSE 100 approaching a resistance area - Better Trader

September 30th - The S&P 500 completed a falling wedge which is a bullish pattern https://www.bettertrader.co.uk/blog/2020/09/sp-500-completed-a-falling-wedge.html




Before a new bull market can start we need to see extreme pessimism, we have not seen it yet. Look at the cycle on this chart we are a long way from extreme pessimism.

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